Hi I’m Reece, this is the page where I talk about Reece Kidd.

Being Reece Kidd this puts me in quite an odd situation.

I know we just met but.. Let’s get real personal for a minute.

Like real personal. Since you’ve taken the time to read about me, I think you’ve earned this.

Here’s a picture of me as a baby…


Damn I was cool. Here’s a quick update of what I’ve been up to since then.

I was a massive chess nerd. I read chess books, was the captain of the team, and once got beat in the most intense match of my life – by a 7 year old child (I was 15).

I went to an all boy’s catholic grammar school – no interactions with girls until I was about 17.

Quite the ladykiller, as you can tell.

No matter what I’ve done though I’ve always tried to be the best. I honestly think people like you and I are just hard wired to hustle.

After all the fun childhood shit came the big decision we all face. To get a job or to student.

I chose student life – with two part time jobs. I went with an English Degree (because at 17 we all make the best choices.) I also wanted to make it super difficult to get a job.

Working at McDonald’s & Subway and an English Degree looming in the near future – life was looking pretty sweet.

I used to slave it out in my jobs, going from wage to wage. Getting my pay on Friday and spending it that Friday night. (If I could get it off)

Seeing that minimum wage enter my bank account was like crack. My super nerdy obsessive side took over and I wanted to be the best part time worker on the planet. BECAUSE THIS WAS SUCCESS.

I worked hard, and got my employee of the month. Yeah I was sort of a big deal.

Luckily I’ll teach you how not to make poor life choices and over commit to a job with little to no long term payoffs.

This took all my time and I missed out on so much. So much fun shit.

You know the jobs. The jobs you’re supposed to do while studying. The jobs you’re supposed to do before better pay.

“I just done what was expected- what everyone else was doing.”

You do the same.

That’s when I decided to resurrect that little chess playing nerd and live life the way I wanted – CLICHE ALERT.

“Fuck the system” so to speak.

Because of my poor previous life choices (English Degree)

I decided to focus on making it online with the goal making enough to end up in Bangkok . That did happen and it was pretty amazing – minus the parts where I ended up completely alone while drunk, with no money and a dead phone. But more on that later.

So I did everything I could to make it online and reach that goal. I YouTubed, I read – I got my hands on everything I could to do with business.

Raising that little blonde nerd from the grave with the idea of escaping normal and the ability to travel and escape the evil grip of the fast food industry.

So after months of prep I launched my first business. It was a massive…


It was a blatant imitation of someone else. It sold three out of the 20 items and lost me 1/3 of my student loan leaving me in poverty and heavily dependent on my overdraft.

The image above was an actual product image. Hard to see why I only sold three.

The three sales I made were to my close friends who bought them out of sympathy. SYMPATHY SALES = SUCCESS.

I then started freelancing. Obviously with a year of an English degree under my belt, I would be in high demand and people would pay me $1000’s for my work.

10’000 words later and I’d earned about $8

Big ups to rage9999 for the opportunity to work for $2. Believe it or not I was over the moon to land this job.

This was it. I was finally going to support myself and escape the world of fast food.

Finally I landed my first job over $100 after weeks of endless proposals on Elance.

It took two weeks-day and night. I was on about 13 cups of coffee a day. Subway by day- ghost writer by night.

Unlimited revisions, additional work- and he couldn’t even be bothered to leave a review.

If you’ve tried working online you’ve probably experienced this yourself.

So I decided to give in and go back to the evil world of part time fast food.

With a summer of serving little fat kids my foot long (Working In Subway – you filthy animal.)

I was sweeping the floor with the same top 40 music playing in the background.  I was working a ten hour shift for the fourth day in a row and I wasn’t particularly energetic. After receiving nothing but a lack of respect and threats of no holiday pay, I had had enough.

I snapped. I stuck up for myself. I’m worth more than the minimum wage. And so are you. Me and the boss had quite the screaming match, as my lovely co worker sat afraid in the corner. I handed in my notice the next day.

I decided to go for it.

Since then I’ve

  • Bootstrapped my own web design firm
  • Dipped my foot in ecommerce
  • Work for $150+ An Hour as A Freelancer
  • Run this blog and all that entails
  • I also VLOG

All while studying computer science at University and being able to live a rich life instead of being trapped in some dead end job that I hate.

When I’m not beating up Muay Thai champions, I’m riding elephants in monsoons with my pals.

Or feeling confused at the ladyboy show (yes they are men)

It’s all because I decided to make a change and go big.

I wan’t you to do the same.

Even better- I’ll try my best to take you step by step so you can come closer to being a rich young adult.

You’ll understand the concept of value, how to position yourself as an expert and how to demand what you’re actually worth.

Escape the minimum wage.

This life isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain type of person- which I think is you.

I’ve been where you are, and I honestly wan’t more for you.

Whether your goal is to spend more time with your friends, not be worried about money, or just lead a richer life.

These days I just focus on the fun stuff. Traveling, sports- whatever.

Let’s escape normal. Maybe one day you can join me as we moped around south east Asia.

Talk soon,

Reece 🙂

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