Dealing with worry when freelancing

Dealing with stress and worry as a freelancer

When you’re a freelancing you’ll get this horrible nag from time to time.

It’s as if your spider man, in that terrible third movie where he gets taken over by the black spider man. Worrya and anxiety caused by freelancing can take over if you’re not careful.


You still take some pretty heavy knocks on the road to freelancing success.

Close by to these knocks, is our good old friend worry and his partner in crime, anxiety.

When your freelancing and things aren’t going well, you’re pretty much be in a constant state of wanting to cry.

You’ll constantly wonder if it’s possible to reapply to become a toddler again.

You worry about feedback, you worry about projects and you worry about deadlines. Almost anything related to your job is a cause for worry.

The question is how do you overcome worry as a freelancer?

You quit freelancing, and go back to a safe job.

No that would be far to easy, and boring.

Instead, you need to focus on what’s really going wrong.

First step is to figure out what is actually causing your anxiety and worry.

If everything is still absolutely divine in your freelancing life, you might want to bookmark this page. As your smug life of sunshine and rainbows will soon come to an end. (Evil Laugh with a severe undertone of envy)

Think about how long the thing has been bugging you for has actually been bugging you. Has it been a day, a week, a month or even years?

If something has been bugging you for an extended period of time you need to sort it out immediately. Worry and anxiety can ruin you if your not careful.

Worry or anxiety is caused by an obstacle in your life, only you can figure out what this obstacle is.

You need to stop focusing on the obstacle and instead focus on how you’re going to overcome it. In your mind you haven’t decided your ready to overcome it, so you sit frozen with this worry in your head and the worse thing is the longer you wait the bigger it gets.

You’re mind is a simple system that can only handle two options. You can focus on the thing that is making you worry, or you can focus on a way around it.

Imagine there’s a tsunami coming towards you – which is actually my biggest fear moving to Thailand because I can’t swim.

The water starts moving out. You can stand at the beach frozen, worried because the tsunami is coming towards you, or you can turn around and start running the fuck out of there.

So spend less time worrying about your problem and more time focused on the solution.

Of course I can do that you little blonde Irish nerd, but that’s easier said than done.

Don’t try to drop the bullshit sympathy seeking excuse “that’s easier said than done”.

Obviously it is. For anyone that was thinking that you could get over worry with a quick fix here’s a sudden realization for you. Anything worth doing requires a certain amount of effort. The thing the majority of the 21st century are allergic to.

So understand this method will require willpower and effort but it’s a cost worth paying to get rid of the anxiety and worry that comes about with being a freelancer.

Yes it is easier said than done, but in order to do it you have to practice.

You need to consciously decide to overcome the obstacles in your path.

Let’s say you want to get into designing phone apps.

You want to create the next Instagram, the only problem is you can’t code.

Is this an obstacle or a problem, yes it’s quite a big obstacle in fact.

So here’s what you do. You acknowledge that there is a problem – you can’t code, but instead of getting fixated on the problem. Say out loud, “Shit, I can’t code.”

You then decide that it’s not going to stop you.

You then state out loud how your going to overcome the problem.

“That’s not going to stop me, I’m going to learn to code so that I can develop an app”.

Saying these out loud is CRAZY Powerful.

You’ll start making things happen, instead of being trapped in your head.

So take time to acknowledge the obstacles in your path and consciously decide that they won’t stop you. This will relieve of your anxiety stress and worry.

If you haven’t started freelancing already, what are you doing? We’re all travelling the world and have left our shitty jobs. Stop wasting time. If you haven’t already you can read how to be survive freelancing here.

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