Less Bullshit, More Action

Less Bullshit, More Action

“I’ve got this really great idea…”

“Next week I’m going to…”

“I’ll start tomorrow.”

You know what really annoys me? People that don’t take action.

You probably know a few, they talk the talk but they are doing zero walk.

Give me the most negative, boring, selfish and loud person over someone that doesn’t take action any day.

These people have forever got a new idea, or something they’re going to start next week.

A new diet, a new sport or a new way to make money.

Take action stop bullshitting

They are packed full of excuses, and they’re forever the victim. They suffer from “snowflake syndrome” as Ramit Sethi says. Where they believe they’re the only ones facing any struggle, and their life is truly more difficult than everyone else.


Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, maybe all the useless people that never take action have other reasons for it. It could be:

  • Laziness,
  • A lack of drive,
  • A way to make themselves feel better
  • Maybe they just love their own voice.

Be honest with yourself, are you someone that never takes action? If this is you, well done for admitting it and make a change – fast!

If you’re my kind of person and you actually take action – you’re my favorite person.

Few people have an excuse to not live their dream life in the 21st century.

We live in an age of opportunity, which is both a blessing and a curse. With so many opportunities how do you choose which one to focus on?

A lot of people myself included, end up not taking action because there is too much choice. Which is why I’ve started more businesses than I’d like to admit.

But I’ll admit them because I want to avoid any Bullshit, being aware and honest about your own mistakes is the best way to avoid them:

I own more failed business domains, than A list celebrities have houses.

Failed business domains

(This is jut the ones I started working on, my godaddy account is full of domains I never even got to web hosting)

This was me believing I was taken action, but in fact I was just starting shit and not following through.

Which is even worse than not taking action in the first place because it usually costs money.

With my generation especially, everyone wants to be:

  • The next big YouTube star
  • Own their own clothing company
  • Make money recommending fitness products on Instagram
  • Or be the next pop star.

But no one wants to put in effort and they definitely don’t want to have to do something consistently over a long period of time.

No fucking way, that’s going to take ages”  – instead people will spend lives looking for a quick fix.

how to get rich quick

It’s all because of immediate gratification and being fed bullshit from people selling a fake lifestyle, in order to sell their products.

This makes me mad, real mad. Because I’ve been working on an information product for months now, that I’ve genuinely used to get results. It’s a course on freelancing which is something I actually know about and actually do. Which has allowed me to travel, vlog and blog from home.

Reece Kidd Freelancer Profile.

But because of a lot of bullshit artists on the internet, people are immediately skeptical.

Then when they see, it actually requires effort they’re immediately like NOPE and they go back to google and they type “make money fast”.

All they need to realize is that it’s going to suck in the beginning, maybe a few months or the first year but after that they will be able to live a life they’ll never be able to access if they work for someone else.

If you’re starting a YouTube channel no one will watch your videos, across two channels I have 4 subscribers.

RichYoungAdult Anti Bullshit Article

Is that demotivating me? Nope, because I know I have to put in the time and be consistent.

I can confidently say anyone that follows my course will earn at least $100 an hour if they put in effort and consistently try for the next month, regardless if they think they don’t have a skill.

But I’m not going try and sell anyone, because this is true with almost anything.

Play table tennis each day, for a year over a consistent period of time and you become phenomenal regardless of your starting ability.

Or dance like the girl did and the video below and you’ll progressive insane amounts.

Which is what I don’t understand why so many people aren’t taking action, because it’s clear as day to me that in order to be successful you need to do three simple things.

  1. You need to take action
  2. You need to put in effort
  3. You need to be consistent.

This applies to sport, business, or learning anything. Regardless of “talent” – which doesn’t really exist but that’s a rant for another day.

Everyone also needs to get over the “my life’s so tough bullshit” if you’re:

  • In a developed country
  • If you can communicate in writing, video or in real life.
  • If you have access to the internet.

You have NO EXCUSE.

I’m not a heartless motherfucker some people genuinely do worse circumstances than others, but this is a minority and their still doing amazing things.


(This man is called Nick Vujicic he has no arms or legs, and he’s motivated millions. What’s your excuse?)

Another amazingly common bullshit excuse – “I don’t have time”

Before any complains in the comments, and says they don’t have time. You do have time. Have you watched game of thrones, walking dead or narcos? I love walking dead – but if I have to miss it to do work I will.

If you’re saying you don’t have time you simply don’t have your priorities straight.

You have 168 hours in a week, if you want to find time you need to figure out your priorities.

But I work 9-5 when I come back from work I’m too tired to do anything else.

Unless you consider your job your idea of success and you don’t dream of any other life, you need to stop being tired. Do this through your diet and exercise. If you want diet and exercise advice go to another blog, if you want a richer life stay right here.

Wake up earlier I’ve already covered a no bullshit guide to doing that which you can find here.

Saying you don’t have time, makes me think one thing -BULLSHIT excuse, used by talkers that don’t take action.

Let’s make one thing crystal clear though. This isn’t easy. You will be tired and you will be exhausted.

But that’s the price you’ve got to pay.

Give up a few months to a few years and live the rest of your life as you want, or stay comfortable and live in a state of regret the choice is yours.

When I say take action I don’t mean you have to finish whatever you want to do in a day or a week, I mean small things consistently done each day that will one day push you towards your goal.

So stop with the bullshit, start with the action.

Let me know in the comments exactly how you plan to take action.

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After you’ve finished commenting, share this post – if you’re cool. Who knows it might just inspire someone to take action, and actually change their life. All because you clicked a button, and when you share it really helps me out, so thank you.

Rich Young Adult Reece Kidd


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  1. Post

    Thank you so much Zoe for the positive comment, that would be cool. But I’ll keep posting regardless, you have an awesome day you absolute hero 😀

  2. Sam

    Hey Reece,

    I think you hit on the key part of taking action. I know that has been my big issue, because I get ideas and want to go in a different direction or get a little discouraged. I agree we need to understand that things take work. I stayed up late last night to learn how to set up the autoresponder for a site I’m working on. I have never done one before but I know it’s important to building an email list and so I stayed up and got the first one done. Did I want to stay up to do it after working that day hell no, but when I was done I felt great because I was doing something for me, something to help create the life I want. Stay consistent big or small just keep moving toward your goal.

  3. Post

    Hey Sam,

    You know it man – it’s all about taking action! It’s so difficult not to jump and act on every idea we have, but a lot of the time it’s just a form of procrastination, much better to focus and commit the time. Great to hear, love to see some hustle and you’re not hustling unless you’re doing those late nights. Yeah it’s a great thing to have. Very motivational, keep up the hustle and you’ll have the life you want. That’s it “Stay consistent big or small just keep moving toward your goal” – couldn’t have said it better myself 😀

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