The Pros and Cons of Freelancing

What are the positives and negatives of freelancing?

You’re interested in this freelancing thing? Well that makes you my new favorite person – well done for wanting a better life, and not being a waste of oxygen.

Although you can definitely become a successful freelancer I’d thought I’d make you aware of the positive and negatives of freelancing before you commit any more time to it.

Here’s a video in case you’re fed up with the whole having to read thing:

The basic positives and negatives of freelancing are as follows:

The positives of freelancing:

  • You have control over the jobs you work and the clients you work with.
  • You can work wherever you want.
  • You’re the boss.
  • You have flexible hours.
  • Freelancing allows you to build your job around your life, not your life around your job.
  • You decide how much you earn.
  • You can do work you love.
  • You can earn significantly more than what you’re currently earning.

The negatives of freelancing:

  • Your work isn’t consistent or reliable, freelancing isn’t a “safe” job.
  • Your personal life and work life often become mixed.
  • You can’t start work until you actually find work.
  • Getting paid for your work can sometimes be a problem.
  • You get none of the benefits of a full time job, health insurance or holiday for example.
  • You’re going to have to learn marketing, customer service, administration and a variety of other skills if you want to be successful.
  • Your friends and family will probably think you’ve gone crazy.

Freelancing might seem all doom and gloom, but I truly love freelancing and the life it brings, don’t get me wrong it has it’s downsides, especially if you don’t have someone to show you how to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls, but luckily, I’ve literally made every mistake you can.

So I’ll help you avoid all of my many, many, many mistakes I’ve made.

Before you decide freelancing isn’t for you, give me a moment to try and let me persuade you.

Freelancing can give you the life you want, it’s the quickest way to escape the rat race and become your own boss.

You can work whenever or wherever you want, I went to Thailand while freelancing and in between freelancing I was cleaning elephants in lakes or freelancing in jungle mansions only needing my laptop and WiFi:

the positives and negatives of freelancing

The best thing is you can start immediately. There are websites that will let you start freelancing today, you could have money in your account in the next few hours.

Actual money – freelancing isn’t a scam, a survey, a pyramid scheme or some other stupid shit that people do to “make money online fast”.

With freelancing you’re earning money for yourself not someone else, when you working for someone else the person who pays your wage is making more money from you, then they are paying you, simple.

With freelancing you keep the money, some websites will charge fees etc but minus that you keep it all.

You’re making yourself rich freelancing not someone else.

You have the power to work with who you want, and you should only choose clients you want to work with. In your 9-5 or part time job people that come in that you just hate, but you have to deal with them, because you’re told to deal with them.

If you’re a freelancer you can say “fuck that”, you can just choose not to work with them, in fact I recommend you don’t work with anyone you don’t particularly like.

Let me clear up one thing though, freelancing isn’t easy. If you’re looking for an easy option leave now, and waste the rest of your life looking for the easy option.

Freelancing can be the vehicle to give you the life you want, but you have to work for it – but if you do you will have more money, freedom and love for your work than you ever have before.

But It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Your pay isn’t reliable, if you’re in a 9-5 job unless it commission based etc you’re guaranteed to get your wage at the end of the week, regardless of your performance in most circumstances.

Whereas freelancing the amount you get paid is determined entirely by you. You’re responsible for your life. It’s not as “safe” as full time work, but you can earn a lot more freelancing than you ever will with a fixed wage.

If you don’t manage your time you’ll struggle to distinguish between your work time and and your personal time, if you don’t successfully manage to do this you’ll be answering emails and responding to clients demands at all hours which can destroy your life.

This used to be a huge problem of mine, I used to always wait by my phone, some nights I would wake up at 3AM just to reply to someone in a different time zone because I was obsessed with the work, and forgot about every other aspect of my life.

With freelancing their is no hiding, you’re going to have to put in the effort, in your normal job you’re probably used to being assigned a task by a manger and then completing it, before you go home for the day.

With freelancing that’s not the case. You’ll actually have to FIND your work before you even to begin to work. This is a real difference between freelancing and your normal 9-5 job.

As a freelancer you may have problems with clients not paying. If you’re not careful, you’ll become a bit of a debt collector. There are clients out there who will abuse your nice nature and will refuse to pay you, or they’ll pay half, or pay late because their cat died four years ago and they’re still recovering emotionally so they haven’t got the time to send you the money. Some websites handle the payment but even on those websites, the person hiring usually has the power to decide when you’re paid.

With freelancing you get none of the benefits of a “regular job”, you don’t get holiday pay, dental care or any benefits your self-employed – so it’s time to put on your big boy shoes and completely support yourself.

You’re going to have to learn about marketing, customer service, administration, how to be independent, how to avoid procrastination. You’ll have to level up as a person to be successful.

Your friends and family will probably judge you, exclude you or think you’re a little bit loopy for going off on your own – “it’s not the normal thing to do, “why can’t you just be like everyone else?”. You’ll hear stuff along the lines off “Look here’s a job you can hate for the next 60 years until you die, why don’t you want it, why would you want to do work you love?”

It may sound doom and gloom but the earnings, freedom and fulfillment of working for yourself, doing work you love will make it all worth it. Freelancing can and will give you a better life if you give it a chance.

The best thing is I’m here to show you how to avoid a lot of the heartbreak, pain and suffering,in this free series, and free course I’ve created to help you become successful.

If the positives and negatives of freelancing haven’t scared you off, you can read the next lesson in the series “How to be a successful freelancer” by clicking on this link.

If you’ve somehow missed the first lesson “What is freelancing?” click here, but somehow I doubt you missed that lesson if you’ve made it this far.

Let me know in the comments what the aspect of freelancing has got you the most excited? Or what your biggest fear is when it comes to freelancing? I read and reply to all the good comments so don’t think you’ll go unheard, I want you to change your life so tell me whats on your mind 🙂

Make sure to share the positives and negatives of freelancing on the good old internet, to show your boss that you’ve got other options if they don’t start treating you better, and to let you’re friends know how they can improve their life.

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