What is freelancing?

What is freelancing?

Simply put, Freelancing is when you sell a service or a skill to a client in exchange for MONEY.

This service can be anything from web design, dog walking, hairdressing, blog writing or graphic design.

But that’s the boring answer.

Freelancing is  the quickest way for you to start your own business, escape the job you hate and earn more money than you ever thought possible.

To freelance all you need is a skill or a service that you can provide to a client, a client is anyone that is willing to pay you to provide your service.

Technically prostitution is freelancing, unless you work for a brothel in which case you’re a full time employee…

Sorry ignore me, back to the topic at hand.

Starting freelancing could be the best decision you make this decade.

Freelancing can be done on the side or you can make it your full time income,

It can be done offline (the scary real world) or from the comfort of your laptop in Thailand (my preferred method).

I love freelancing, and I want you to love it too.

I love it so much that I’ve created a free course, a premium course and a YouTube series,  my only goal with all three is to help you become a successful freelancer.

Whatever successful means to you.

If you’ve ever found yourself hating your job, having no money, or not having any freedom Freelancing is for you.

Freelancing has developed a bad rep over the last few years and there is a variety of misconceptions around it; all of which aren’t true.

You might think you’ll have to work for $2 an hour – not true, I’ve earned $1500 on jobs that took me five hours.

That you’re going to have to battle with cheaper workers in the likes of Asia – Again not true, and I’ll explain in a later lesson.

Or that you’ll have to do shitty jobs to build a reputation before you can be successful.

That’s all bullshit. I guarantee you can make more money freelancing than you’re making at your current job.

Especially if you used to work in McDonald’s or Subway like I did.


Ladies please form a queue, their is enough employee of the month for everyone
But these misconceptions are bullshit – made up by people who tried freelancing for a day, said it was to hard and quit.

Before you wonder why you should listen to me, I’m just a little blonde Irish kid, I’ve used freelancing to do a range of jobs from less than $1 an hour to $300 dollars an hour, in a variety of different skills, from writing to video editing to web design – all while studying full time at university, and taking trips to Thailand where I rode elephants in the rain.

What is freelancing - riding elephants

All while earning 100’s of dollars a day freelancing.
I give away 95% of my content for free, because I know that if people became aware and where educated about freelancing they could change their lives, and become Rich Young Adults.

This is all sounds cool, but why should you really care about freelancing?

The world as we know is changing, in the past you went to college, you got a degree and then you got a job.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case.

Let’s make something clear a degree doesn’t guarantee a job – although your university or school won’t tell you that.

If you want to live the life you want, you need to contribute to society in some way, freelancing a useful skill is contributing.

Gone are the days off getting a degree for the sake of getting a degree.

I did an English degree for one year (I still have no idea why to this day), before switching to computer science, because I was told there was guaranteed jobs – guess what? Their isn’t.

You need to develop a skill, and you need to take responsibility of your life as the comfy pensions and job security of the past just doesn’t exist any more.

Instead your hope lies in freelancing, which can still provide you the money and life you’ve dreamed off.

As of 2016, There is an excess of 50 million people freelancing in the US alone, with an estimated 715 billion contributed to the US economy.

Let’s not forget about Europe or the UK with freelancing adding 21 billion to the UK economy.

Businesses have reliazed how powerful freelancing is.

Freelancing allows them to find more talented workers – anytime and anywhere without having to go through an extensive interview process or any of the other costs that come along with full time staff.

Which makes freelancing something you need to know.

We’re moving away from a world of 9-5 jobs and job safety, more and more people will begin to freelance full time as employers don’t want hire full time staff, instead they’ll choose to hire freelancers.

You need to start learning about freelancing now, before everyone else freaks out when they can no longer get that job they were promised their whole life.

That’s why I’ve provided this blog series, YouTube series, free course and premium course because you need to know how to successfully freelance if you want to stand a chance at being successful.

You won’t be able to hide behind the excuses of:

“I can’t get a job because someones doing it cheaper than me.”

“It’s too difficult.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

“What websites should I use?”

“What’s my skill?”

For now you have two options, you can sign up for my free course to get immediate access to some of my best content if you haven’t already, or you can click this link to find out about the pros and cons of freelancing before you go any further.

I’d love to hear in the comments below if you’ve ever heard of freelancing? Have you tried it before? Have you thought about it? Or have you had any bad experiences? So make sure to comment below 🙂

You can get access to my free course immediately that will take you from nothing to $100 an hour, it contains some of my best material and free stuff for you to download. I’ll email you the link if you put in some info below, I’d do that before I change my mind and decide it’s a stupid idea for me to give this away fro free.

Rich Young Adult Reece Kidd


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