Your sex drive is the reason you won’t be successful

Quite the odd title isn’t it, how is it possible that your sex drive is the reason you won’t be successful? Let me explain.

Yes, you’re about to listen to a 21-year-old Irish boy talk about sex. Which seems about as informative as a toddler talking about tax returns.

But listen up I’m not just any kid, although my name is Reece Kidd…  I’m armed with the knowledge of Napoleon Hill, if you don’t know who Napoleon Hill is, do you even want to be successful? Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich, it’s an oldie but a goodie (And my new favorite book).

In case you missed it or you’re not the biggest fan of reading, here’s the YouTube video that goes along with this post:

Think and Grow Rich is a bit outdated so I thought I’d spruce it up and deliver it young adult to young adult.

Chapter 10 is lovingly titled:

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

Which isn’t the most appealing title I’ve ever read.

But I guarantee you will learn something that no one will want to teach you, as we’re all so awkward when it comes to sex. Especially in Ireland were every mother thinks their son is the son of god, and every son thinks their mother is the virgin Mary.

So let’s jump right in and explain Why Your Sex Drive is the reason you won’t be successful.

A little disclaimer, the following article is from the perspective of a male about males, as I don’t really understand women, so it’s probably best if I keep my mouth shut, but I imagine the majority of the information applies to both men and women.

Also Napoleon Hill wrote this book way back, so the whole bisexual, homosexual thing wasn’t discussed as freely so the information applies to all relationships, homosexual, bisexual whatever floats your boat. But to make my life easier I’m going to write about a relationship between a heterosexual man and a heterosexual woman.

Let’s talk about sex baby.


Sex, everyone has it, or tries to have it but everyone is quite ignorant when it comes to it.

The “sex” state of mind, sometimes referred to as being horny, is the energy our mind dedicates in the pursuit of sex.

Sexual energy serves three purposes, to have babies, for recreation and health, and to transform mediocre people into geniuses.

I hear you shake in your boots as you mumble confused, “Reece how can sex possibly make me a genius?!”

If you can change your thoughts of the physical, the wanting to have sex part, to thoughts of something else. You can develop imagination, will power, persistence and creativity that you’ve never imagined.

Think about how strong the desire for sex is; people destroy their reputations, relationships that they truly care about and friendships because they want to sleep with someone they’ve just met in a bar.

What I’m talking about isn’t some new aged bullshit, it’s been known for centuries by the truly successful, but to harness its power you’re going to need some serious willpower.

If you’re going to try and tame this beast, you’re not going to be trying to repress your desire to have sex, instead you’re going to take that desire and focus it elsewhere. To focus your desire elsewhere you need an outlet.

If you don’t have an outlet, that desire will be leaving your body through physical means, if you catch my drift.

Sexual energy is like a balloon, it will grow and grow but eventually it’s going to pop, so you need to take that energy and put it into something you are passionate about and want to succeed in.

If you can somehow manipulate your sexual energy Napoleon hill states you’ll be lifted to the “status of genius” – in other words, you’ll be amazing at whatever you’re focused on.

Scientists in the 1920’s have proved that the men of the world who have went on to achieve great things are men with a highly developed sex nature, secondly those men were motivated by the influence of sex.

This is true for athletes, authors, basically any truly successful person in any field they will likely have a highly developed sexual nature.

The emotion of sex, is a force to be reckoned. When a man is in control of the emotion he is all about action.

The emotion and feelings that sex brings contains the secrets of creativity and action.

Destroy the sex glands (testicles/ovaries) of an animal and you’ve removed the major source of action.

Imagine you have a dog called buster. Buster is a little bit crazy, he’s a young male, he’s always barking at the postman, jumping around, causing havoc, trying to get lucky with the dogs of your neighborhood, it’s all a bit much. So you get him neutered. Buster stops all his old tricks and instead lies about all day, with no energy, or desire for action. Us humans aren’t that different from little ball-less buster.

When it comes down to it the human mind responds to stimulus, stimulus can be seen as vibrations or feelings little chemical reactions in the brain off there are ten things that the brain will get hooked on.

  • Love,
  • Sex
  • Desire for fame, power, financial gain or money.
  • Music
  • Friendship for those of the same sex or opposite sex,
  • Alliances to help achieve common goals,
  • Mutual sufferings, mass shootings, funerals, natural disasters.
  • Fear,
  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • Texts, Facebook notifications, Instagram – Something Napoleon Hill and his generation never had to deal with.

Sex is at the top of the list because whether you recognise it or not it’s probably the driving force of the majority of your decisions, why did you buy that expensive watch? Car? House? Because you want to be SEXY and get yourself someone who wants to engage in the old bang bang boom. There are obviously more factors that influence your decisions but sex is more prominent than you think.

Some of the minds desires are natural some are purely destructive.

So what actually is funneling sexual energy to something else?

Well to understand that you need to understand your creative imagination. Your creative imagination is something you’ve probably never purposely used, and if you have it’s probably been an accident.

Creative imagination is called a variety of different things, think monks who spend their whole lives in states of mediation searching for enlightenment, priests who abstain from all other stimulus. But don’t worry we’re not going to have you hiking the Himalayas in search of the truth just yet.

Every great thought, discovery or invention occurs because of creative imagination.

It’s that moment when you’re in the shower singing Enrique Iglesias, and boom you get your great idea.

These moments can happen in three ways:

  1. Your subconscious mind takes over, while your conscious mind is focused.
  2. When someone else has just said something, or sparked an idea in your head.
  3. Or when you can directly harness your creative imagination.

Creative imagination happens when your mind is stimulated in some way, which is a higher stimulation than your normal ordinary thought.

When your brain is stimulated your lifted far beyond ordinary thoughts, you’re not worried about food, clothing or shelter your “entirely in the zone”.

You suddenly have access to ideas you couldn’t have accessed before, you’re not any ordinary person anymore you’re working on a higher level.

I know this all sounds fluffy but stick with me.

Your creative imagination is developed over time and you become more alert and aware of it the more you use it.

Great artists, poets, writers and musicians rely on their creative imagination to produce their best work, you might have experienced it yourself, you were excited about something or by someone (stimulus), and you then begin to work on something and everything begins to flow.

Those with the most active “imaginations” often come up with the best hunches or solutions.

An interesting side note about this is the people who close their eyes before making a big decision, they do this because when they’re eyes are closed they can draw upon their creative imagination and access their superior intelligence.

The example Napoleon Hill gives is off, Dr Elmer R. Gates, or Dr Gates as I’ll now refer to him.

Dr Gates was an exceptional man who is not mentioned anywhere as much as he should be, in his lifetime he created more than 200 patented inventions.

Dr Gates had what he called a personal communication room – a sound proof, blacked out room where he could control the lights with a single switch, in it he had his chair, his desk and a notepad.

When Dr Gates wanted to access his creative imagination he simply went to his room, focused his energy and thoughts on his current idea – and boom the thoughts would start to flow.

On one occasion his ideas came so fast he had to write for almost three hours, when he finally finished he had accurate correct information that was unheard of in the scientific world at the time.

He was so good that he was hired by others, who had half-baked ideas to make them a patentable invention, and he got paid big money to do so.

Ideas received through your subconscious creative imagination are actually, more reliable than what you learn from your experience.

Think about it.

When you start off a project or an idea, you take all the knowledge you know from your experience, but what happens when you hit a bump, something you haven’t encountered you have to use your creative mind to solve the problem.

You can replicate what Dr Gates does in two simple steps:

First, stimulate your mind so it vibrates on a higher level, think sexy thoughts.

Second concentrate on what you already know, after that focus on the problems your yet to solve. Then wait as the answers start to flash in your mind.

If you want proof think of men who have become leaders in their respective callings, who without having had extensive educations performed great things.

For men success often comes with influence from their wives, although us men will rarely if ever admit it.

Men often fall to pieces after an affair, because they put their love of their old wife (love stimulation) to the back of their mind when they have sex with the hot young yoga instructor, the yoga instructor who will quickly leave the man after a brief affair.

Although you may think you’re above it, the human mind responds to stimulation.

The greatest of all stimulation’s is Sex.

When you harness your sexual stimulation you’ll become a super hero of creative imagination.

Napoleon Hill tells us off a variety of people who have been successful through focusing their sexual energy.

  • George Washington,
  • Napoleon Bonaparte,
  • William Shakespeare,
  • Thomas Jefferson,
  • Oscar Wilde,
  • Robert Burns,
  • Abraham Lincoln.

Try to think of any entrepreneur, athlete or successful person who doesn’t appear to have a high sex nature.

A great quote that will make you stop and ponder:

There never has been, and never will be a great leader, builder or artist lacking in this driving force of sexNapoleon Hill

You must take your desire for physical contact and put it into a desire for action, it’s not just not sleeping the desire to sleep with someone, or have some special alone time.

An interesting opinion with a lot of evidence to support it is stated that men rarely succeed in an outstanding way before the age of 40. Especially in this generation minus the tech industry, but it isn’t renowned for its orgies. Everyone else seems to be chasing sex, alcohol and instant gratification with little time for success.

Napoleon Hill’s argument is the major reason people do not succeed until the age of 40 or fifty is because they waste all their energy in the pursuit and act of sex and other stimulants. I think he’s correct.

It’s only when they hit 40 or 50 that they realise their potential to be successful when the other stimulants have been tried and tested.

Through analysing thousands of men and women Napoleon Hill could see that the average person reaches their greatest capacity to create between 40 and 60.

The reason this age is so prominent is because before this your body is mostly sex driven, however the love stimulus starts to become more prominent at this age and it gives you purpose, poise, accuracy and judgement.

If you haven’t reached this age that can give you a bit of hope, but hopefully this article will give you a much needed wake up call.

There are countless men and women that didn’t begin to succeed before they hit 40, here’s just a few.

  • Vera Wang
  • Stan Lee
  • Samuel Jackson
  • Julia Child
  • Henry Ford
  • Ray Kroc .
  • Colonel Sanders.

With young men everywhere obsessed with the sex culture, and sleeping with as many women as possible before they settle down there isn’t much time to be massively successful.

Men are powered by sex, think about the gym when a girl is their you find yourself lifting a heavier weight, when the young female intern is working you want to be the leader of the group and you’ll gladly go into your overdraft to buy that fancy car so women find you more attractive. You may think you’re better than this but deep down your driven by sexual energy.

So sexual energy is the strongest, but it is also possible to harness other stimulants to make things happen, Robert Burns wrote “Auld lang sang” while intoxicated, but there are many people today who believe a drink or two actually helps them perform better, it’s widely believed in the world of programming if the problem is complex to sit down with a beer or two to get through it.

But the problem with the other stimulants is that it often ends in the demise of the person think Lindsey Lohan, or any of the other victims of alcohol and drugs, you probably know or knew a few in real life.

The reason the creative facility is so powerful is because people are often influenced by their feelings and emotions not logical reasoning. So stimulants work on an emotional level, which is why when you look back on past experiences you may think wtf was I thinking.

But the power of sexual energy doesn’t stop there.

A teacher who has trained 30,000 sales people found something quite astonishing. He found that men who were highly sexed where the best sales people, because a highly sexed male gives of a personal magnetism.

The energy that comes from being highly sexed isn’t just useful for securing that hottie from the office.

Sexual energy can be found in your handshake, in your tone of voice, your posture, your energy, your appearance, all of these elements convey how sexed up you are, the more sexed up the more personal magnetism.

Salesmen, public speakers, and just about any job that relies on human interaction all comes down to enthusiasm and energy, which come from your sexual energy whether conscious or unconscious.

Successful sales men therefore take their sex energy, and direct it towards sales instead of actually pursuing sex.

Sex is super powerful but it is grossly misunderstood and almost seems dirty to talk about, even the thought of making this video made me a bit anxious.

We are all cursed with the belief that being highly sexed is a curse, which we should suppress.

Sex is instead used to take away from the body and mind, we all want instant gratification so we want sex wherever and whenever we can get it.

Just like alcohol has over drinking, drugs have overdosing, sex can be used in a productive or destructive way, think channelling your sexual energy for a goal vs destroying your relationship with your girlfriend by sleeping with someone you meet at a bar.

Every other animal in nature, indulges in sex in moderation, with sex only in season, whereas humans want it all day, every day. We want the sex buffet.

Sexaholics exist and it is absolutely a problem, although it sounds like the best thing to be addicted to, it’s actually a destructive habit that shows an absence of willpower and addiction that can actually ruin your life and relationships.

Before reading about it in Think and Grow Rich, I’ve never heard sex talked about in such a way, which is a major problem. As sex is almost a taboo which everyone is embarrassed to talk about, which is why there is a rise in teenage pregnancy, STI’s, and just about every problem that could arise because of sex.

Think about when your driven by sex, you’re definitely achieving, but looking back where these achievements destructive, disorganised or distorted. My guess yes, think about the tattoos of exes that plague the bodies of folks everywhere.

Think about what happens when you sleep with someone and then they spot you talking to another girl at the bar, rightfully so a little bit of crazy is unleashed. Regardless if you’re a man or woman.

So this energy uncontrolled can actually destroy your reasoning, think about drunken texting.

Think about the emotion of love, your first girlfriend may have received cute texts, poetry or video montages – I’ll admit I’ve sent all of these in my lifetime. And loving someone takes you to great heights of achievement. Even the memories of someone you loved can motivate you to new levels.

People often think back to past experiences of love to escape from the reality.

Here’s a cheesy quote that jumps right out and I’m sure it will help you at some point:

If you believe yourself unfortunate, because you have “loved and lost”, perish the thought. One who has truly loved can never lose entirely.Napoleon Hill

Writing this is flooding back all the memories of my exes, might have to take a break and put on a romantic comedy at this rate.

Remember love is emotional, sex is biological so both effect you in different ways but both can be channelled to help you complete your goals.

Think about the love a parent feels for a child, or a boyfriend feels for a girlfriend, or the love you feel for your best friend. Love comes in different shapes and forms whereas sex is raw and animalistic.

But when love and sex come together and you can utilise that stimulus and focus it elsewhere you will be unstoppable.

Not to make this a relationship post but problems arise in regards in any romantic relationship due to a lack of knowledge on sex, or love which leads to friction, if your relationship isn’t on point you won’t be able to concentrate on your goal, ambition or business, without relationships or passion you won’t ever be able to lead a Rich life.

Think about the quote:

A man’s wife may make him or break him.Unknown

If your married there will be no one more influential than your partner unless you are completely mismatched, in which case get out as quickly as possible.

If a man or woman becomes disinterested in a relationship it is usually because themselves or their partner has lost interest in the love, romance or sex of the relationship.

Like it or not, as a man your greatest desire is to please women whether you do it subconsciously or consciously.

Think about the hunters at the beginning of time who would hunt all day and night to feed and please a woman, think about the men of today who have three jobs to support their wife’s desires, and think about the women who work full time to support their husbands so they can work on their business.

Woman have a tremendous amount of power over us men, as there is an inherent desire for a man to please a woman which gives the woman the power to make or break the man.

You can try and persuade yourself that you are in control of your subconscious mind but it’s all biology and us males are all susceptible to the powers of women.

If you don’t recognise the power of sex and love as stimulants to achieve success you are doing yourself a huge injustice.

There you have it, now you know that unless you can control your sexual energy, you’ll probably never be successful, well maybe when you’re 40.

Do you think sexual energy is really important? Or am I just talking rubbish? Has this piece given you some valuable information? Let me know in the comments. I get sad if no one speaks to me. 🙁

Share this post with your friends, family or an ex you haven’t got over yet. Especially share it with older relatives such as grandparents they will love to see that you’ve been reading about sex.

Finally make sure to pick up Think and Grow Rich it will change your life.

If you enjoyed this, why not continue with your journey to success and find out why Your friends are the reason you won’t be successful.

Talk soon,

Reece 🙂

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